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Other websites

Tumblr: (highly active)

Twitter: (mostly active)

Instagram:… (more or less active)

YouTube:… (not very active)

Fanfiction/AO3: You'll have to find me, both under the same name (not very active)

Group Cosplay DA: :iconidunno-productions: iDunno-Productions

Pretty much anything else: try "InvaderFuzzytalon", "InvdrFuzzytalon", or "Fuzzytalon"


Die Blume schmeckt sehr gut by InvaderFuzzytalon
Invader Fuzzytalon ♀ Lv. 16

Modest Nature.
Fateful encounter at level 13
Apparently met at level 13
Highly curious.
Dex No. 191
Name InvaderFuzzytalon
Type Electric/Water

Team Magma member; Twinleaf Town

Invader Fuzzytalon
Species: cat
Breed(s): European Shorthair/Turkish Angora
Gender: Female
Resisdence: Feral

Fuzzytalon- Knight of Heart by InvaderFuzzytalon

Drawing/Commision/Request Info~



STATUS: I don't even know
:bulletgreen:- in progress
:bulletblue:- waiting
:bulletred:- done
:bulletwhite:- not posted yet
:bulletblack:- posted

Order recieved:
1. TatterTotMinion :bulletblue: -icon-
2. Wolfen-Angel :bulletblue: -picture-
3. Ytwolfpup :bulletblue: -picture-
4. starsweeps :bulletblue: -picture-
5. SuperShadowArt14 :bulletblue: -icon-

*Names will be removed from the list when the person responds to noticing it's done


:pointr: These will all be digital, assuming that’s not a problem
:pointr: For OCs or characters I may not know, references would be nice
:pointr: I do not draw NSFW
:pointr: I do draw ships
:pointr: There is no character limit
:pointr: I do animals, Pokémon, occasional humans, trolls, ponies, etc.

:bulletpurple: a picture of an OC or character
:pointr: Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop
:pointr: I work best with animals, but will take humans, I’m also better with males
-----:bulletyellow:Average time 3-7 hours:bulletyellow:
Examples: Noivern by InvaderFuzzytalon Inklets and Clockface by InvaderFuzzytalon

:bulletgreen: an icon of an OC or a character (50x50 pixels)
:pointr: Photoshop
:pointr: Still or moving
:pointr: With or without shading
-----:bulletyellow:Average time 30 minutes to an hour or two:bulletyellow:
Examples: Icon for RainbowCraft *request* by InvaderFuzzytalon My Icon Sets (personal use only) by InvaderFuzzytalon

:bulletblue: a large moving pixel of an OC or character (51x51- 200x200)
:pointr: Photoshop
:pointr: You can request a certain size
:pointr: With or without shading
-----:bulletyellow:Average time 1-3 hours:bulletyellow:
Examples: Fuzzytalon- Knight of Heart by InvaderFuzzytalon Slumga by InvaderFuzzytalon

:bulletorange: a basic moving picture animation
:pointr: Photoshop
:pointr: Best with animals
:pointr: State the type of animation (turn, blink, tail flick)
:pointr: Simple moving gifs
:pointr: Full color or sketches
-----:bulletyellow:Average time 1-8 hours:bulletyellow:
Example: Dripping Time (animated) by InvaderFuzzytalon Why Me by InvaderFuzzytalon

:bulletpink::bulletpink: Limited Time, Flash animation that is basic or short, or along those lines, if it's less complex I could probably try making it past the sketch stage
:pointr: Adobe Flash
-----:bulletyellow:Average time 30 minutes-2 hours:bulletyellow:

*NOTE:* will be done in order received, but if there are two in waiting I will go with what seems faster

Friends and Inspriations~

RL frinds: :iconytwolfpup: :iconwolfen-angel: :iconitisaphsyco: :iconrozenmaiden72: :iconk-chan12: :iconsydick: :iconpamcakes-n-icecream: :iconthe-spastic-bee: :iconcounttheshadowss:
Hatena friends: :iconzeduskclaw: :icontakura-the-cat: :icontreeweed: :iconf0xprince: :iconjirnmir: :iconinvaderstorm: :iconcyndibutt: :iconraptur-e: :iconbatman-en: :icon0gravitycat: :iconglobbythedino: :iconinvaderros: :iconkarezikind: :icong-oo-p:

DA friends: :iconwolf-mysteries: :iconviolettsoap: :iconbeestinqs: :iconellieclypse: :iconrave-dem0n: :iconastrequin::icontresvie: :iconxxrainbowdashrulesxx: :iconmelodious-nightfall: :iconstarsweeps: :iconepikfurry: :iconrainbowcraft: :iconkatia-sequina111: :iconcoastai: :iconxazuri-chanx: :icontamarchingtomahawk: :iconhamsfreht: :iconrsunicorns: :iconsupershadowart14: :iconscatteredsparks: :iconizzabelable: :iconxxtheshatteredxx: :iconshadowblade999:

HUGE inspirations: :iconpictus-dog: :iconrave-dem0n: :iconpeacewolflegacy: :iconheartvirus: :iconiridescentmirage: :iconbanzaiproductions: :icontwinfools:

Who I am (cosplay and RP)

:bulletgreen:- active to RP
:bulletred:- not active to RP
:bulletblue:- currently cosplaying
:bulletorange:- not currently cosplaying
:bulletpurple:- in the process of making cosplay

Warrior Cats: Fuzzytalon of ShadowClan/RiverClan :bulletgreen::bulletorange:

OCs: any :bulletgreen::bulletorange:

DRAMAtical Murder:
Sei :bulletred::bulletblue:

Eridan :bulletred::bulletblue:

Team Magma Grunt (female) :bulletgreen::bulletblue:
Cynthia :bulletred::bulletblue:
Silver :bulletred::bulletpurple:
Marley :bulletred::bulletorange:

Dangan Ronpa
Celestia :bulletred::bulletpurple:

Attack on Titan
Hanji :bulletred::bulletblue:

Cuticle Detective Inaba
Hiroshi Inaba :bulletred: :bulletpurple:

edited: 6/6/014 10:24 PM


InvaderFuzzytalon's Profile Picture
Invader Fuzzytalon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Name: Invader Fuzzytalon (or just Fuzzytalon) (or just Fuzzy)
Nicknames: Fuzzy, Fuzz, Fuz, Fluffy, Furry, Fuzzy T., Birdy-talon, Zzy, Glitter Song, Glitter, Prussia, Vaporeon, Fuzzytoe, Fluffalumpagous, Fuzzles, Fuyyz, Fuzzbucket, Partner, etc. Pretty much whatever you want to call me, custom nicknames are great
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 1, high school junior
Birthday: January 28
Height: about 5' 5"
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Year Animal: Tiger
Spirit Animal: Panther
Current Residence: Arizona, in the Valley of the Sun
What I draw: anime characters, cats, ponies, wolves, fan art, requests, whatever I feel like
Type of art: digital, perler beads, ceramics, painting, clay, pixels, photos and photo editing, traditional
Sexual Orientation: not relevant
Languages (fluent): English
Languages (learning): German


last edit: 9/1/014 5:32 pm


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Fandom Info~

updated 6/10/014

Current Main Fandoms: Pokémon, DRAMAtical Murder

Current secondary fandoms: Neon Genesis Evangelion

DRAMAtical Murder
Favorite character: Sei
Favorite route: Noiz
Favorite bad end: Koujaku
Favorite good end: Noiz
Favorite allmate: I love rabbits
Ship?: why would anyone not
OTP: ... *conflicted noises*
Cosplay: Sei
At: DMMd re:connect- Trip and Virus's Route

Favorite pokemon: Sneasel
Favorite pokemon game: Diamond
Favorite pokemon region: Kalos
Favorite pokemon type: Electric (with close water, grass, psychic, ice, dark, and flying)
Favorite pokemon movie: Pokémon: The Power of One (2nd)
Favorite pokemon evil team: Team Magma
Favorite Song: "Pokemon World" (2nd movie theme)
Favorite season: Pokemon season 1
Kanto starter: Squirtle
Johto starter: Cyndaquil
Hoenn starter: Torchic
Sinnoh starter: Turtwig
Unova starter: Oshawott
Kalos starter: Chespin
Kanto favorite: Vaporeon
Johto favorite: Sneasel
Hoenn favorite: Torchic
Sinnoh favorite: Torterra
Unova favorite: Minccino
Kalos favorite: Noivern
Ship: yes
OTP: Gold/Silver (Preciousmetalshipping/Huntershipping)
Cosplay?: Team Magma grunt/Cynthia (complete); Silver (process of); others to be in progress soon
At: Read up to 9 on the manga, seen a lot of the anime and about half the movies, played almost all the games


Also feel free to start talking to me about these fandoms, we can keep a conversation going:

:bulletorange: Attack on Titan
:bulletpink: Baka and Test
:bulletblack: Black Butler
:bulletblue: Blue Exorcist
:bulletwhite: Cuticle Detective Inaba
:bulletblack: Death Note
:bulletwhite: D.Gray-Man
:bulletblue: DRAMAtical Murder
:bulletpink: Elfen Lied
:bulletblue: Free!
:bulletblue: Fruits Basket
:bulletred: Fullmetal Alchemist
:bulletgreen: Hetalia
:bulletred: Kyoukai no Kanata
:bulletblue: Lucky Star
:bulletpink: Madoka Magica
:bulletblue: Meganebu
:bulletpink: My Bride is a Mermaid
:bulletpurple: Neon Genesis Evangelion
:bulletblack: No. 6
:bulletblue: Noragami
:bulletorange: Ouran High School Host Club
:bulletblack: Pandora Hearts
:bulletyellow: Pokémon
:bulletwhite: Polar Bear Cafe
:bulletorange: Princess Tutu
:bulletblack: Senyuu
:bulletgreen: Sgt. Frog
:bulletorange: Soul Eater
:bulletred: Trigun
:bulletgreen: Tiger and Bunny
:bulletblue: Wolf Children
:bulletred: Yowapeda

:bulletblack: Dan VS
:bulletpurple: Chowder
:bulletpurple: Courage the Cowardly Dog
:bulletblue: Avatar: The Last Airbender (haven't watched Korra though)
:bulletyellow: SpongeBob (2001-2004 or so)
:bulletgreen: Invader Zim
:bulletblue: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
:bulletpink: My Little Pony

:bulletblack: The Iron Giant
:bulletblue: Wolf Children
:bulletgreen: How to Train Your Dragon
:bulletyellow: Spongebob
:bulletorange: The Lion King [1 and 2]
:bulletblue: Rise of the Guardians
:bulletred: Wreck-It-Ralph
:bulletgreen: The Road to El Dorado

:bulletblue: Monsterkind (webcomic)
:bulletorange: Warrior Cats (books)
:bulletblue: Dramatical Murder (game)

Etc., etc.

Do you cosplay? 

4 deviants said Yes, but not as much as I want to
3 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said No, but I'd like to
No deviants said No



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treeweed Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i thought i recognized your name, i knew you from hatena xD
InvaderFuzzytalon Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I still remembered everyone I knew from Hatena~, I'm one of very few people who still use the same name~ =w=
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hehe eyah uwu
i'm just like the way i was on Hatena and changed my name often nwn
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InvaderFuzzytalon Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Hi there sweetie :3

Just thought I would drop by all my watchers to find out how they are doing~
So, how are you, how is your life.

If you ever need anyone to talk too then feel free to talk to me.
InvaderFuzzytalon Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow I haven't replied for a month ;;w;;

I'm doing good, the workload near the end of a school year is difficult though~ =w=
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